Acecosm: Thread lifts and their uses

Here at acecosm, we’re pleased to say that our Thread Lift services are incomparable. We set out to deliver a non-invasive solution to traditional facelifts, adding to existing non-surgical methods like mesotherapy and dermal fillers for enhancing skin quality, restoring volume, and promoting collagen formation. Rather than immediately resorting to surgery, which may not be necessary, we aim to provide a wide range of therapies that can be useful and produce beneficial results.

What is a thread lift?

It’s a temporary stitch that’s utilized to realign the skin and keep it that way. Thread lift technologies, such as Silhouette Instalift, utilize threads with attached “micro-cones” to elevate the skin from the hypodermis. By applying tension to the dermis and elastin underneath, these cones can raise the skin’s surface. Over time, the body can digest and absorb these threads and micro-cones. These threads stimulate the body’s “healing response,” which then in turn attracts a great deal of collagen to the damaged areas.

Having more collagen is good in a lot of ways. Our skin’s health and resilience depend on collagen. When we reach middle age, collagen production begins to decline. Since we now have more skin than we had in the past, wrinkles tend to become more pronounced with time. Thread treatments not only give the appearance of a mild facelift but also improve the area by boosting its tone and rigidity, which results in stunning long-term effects.

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Acecosm: Expectations from Thread Lift

As thread lifts do not require surgery, they are non-invasive, hardly uncomfortable, and have a short recovery period. Beginning with the injection of local anesthetic into the cheeks, mid-face, or other treatment locations, the surgery can begin. Patients should expect to see immediate effects from their thread lift, and the procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete. There may be some mild swelling or bruising, but both should go away after 48 hours.


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