Hyaron 2.5ml X 10 Syringes


Main Composition : Sodium Hyaluronate 25mg

Packaging(Volume of syrings & Needle size): 2.5ml*10syr.

Indications: Defornative osteoarthritis of the knees, Periathritis of the Shoulder

Efficacy: whitening, hydrating, moisturizing, anti-aging

Storage:  1 – 30°C

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Product Information:

Sodium Hyaluronate is produced by the microbiological fermentation method. This product is a sterile highly purified and viscous solution.

It is an anti-aging injection for maintaining elastic, hydration, and even the skin tone. It could also whiten your skin and reduce speckles.  Besides using needles, the injection can also be done by an injection machine such as Meso Gun or derma roller. Hyaron  is also very gentle,  even the most sensitive and redness-prone skin can use it because of its natural calming benefit, which means it can help sensitive skin as well as blemish-prone skin.

It also can provide relief of pain due to osteoarthritis of the knees effectively.


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