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Hydra Pen H2 is not only a new concept skincare device but also an innovative technology in the field of aesthetic. It is a new generation of dermapen founded by Dr.Pen brand. HydraPen works with its exclusive cartridge to apply the serum and essence automatically which greatly improves the efficiency and effect of the skincare routine. Hydra Pen takes not only the advantages from dermaroller and derma pen, but also works with its exclusive cartridge to apply the serum or essence automatically.

The main difference between the Hydra Pen and other devices is that it is equipped with a cartridge that is filled with serums and other mesotherapy drugs.

The mechanism of its action is based on the principle of automatic micro-puncture of the skin with pulsating needles with the simultaneous introduction of cosmetic preparations intended for mesotherapy.

When the device is turned on, the needles in the cartridge begin to reciprocate, as a result of which small punctures are evenly distributed over the skin, and the medicine in the cartridge penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and nourishes it.

Also, Hydra Pen microneedles cause microdamage to the epidermis, which leads to the production of collagen, elastin and accelerates cell renewal.

Indications for use:

  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Treatment of acne scars of different depths
  • Elimination of fine wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Treatment of scars from burns
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • High fat content
  • The presence of large pores
  • Dull skin color


When using the Hydra Pen, the following cartridges can be used:

12 needles 0.25 mm long – on the scalp (to prevent hair loss), nose, lips, neck (to tighten the skin, anti-wrinkle);

12 needles 0.5 mm long – for performing procedures in the forehead, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, décolleté, neck area (to relieve tension, strengthen and eliminate wrinkles);

12 needles 1.0 mm long – used to perform cicatricial procedures (including acne scars) and stretch marks on the face and body.

NANO – for eliminating redness, smoothing skin tone and nutrition, as well as for introducing active substances into the skin, injecting pigments.

NANO Silicone – for introducing nutrients into the most delicate areas, removing pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin.


Technical specifications:

Model: Hydra.Pen H2 (2019)

Speed: 8000-15000 punctures per minute

Built-in display: LED, displays the operating mode (4 speed modes)

Weight: 430 gr.

Voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Battery – built-in, provides wireless operation up to 3 hours


Hydra Pen Package Contents:

Instruction – 1 pc

Adapter – 1 pc

Device – 1 pc

Charging cable – 1 pc

Protective cap – 1 pc

12-needle cartridges. – 2 pcs


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