Rejeunesse Sparkle


Rejeunesse Sparkle is a multipurpose Hyaluronic Acid filler. It does more than eliminate shallow lines – it is also characterized by outstanding skin rejuvenation and hydration properties. This new-gen product contains a minimum amount of BDDE and it features an HCCL technology. As a result, it does not hide any risks for the patient’s health and it makes the treatment highly effective. Results look natural and last for a long time.

Estimated delivery 2023/01/30

REJEUNESSETM SPARKLE with lidocaine is crosslinked dermal filler for hydration and skin rejuvenation via superficial dermis injection.

Application area:

  • Face and body skin


  • Biorevitalization
  • Prevention and elimination of small wrinkles
  • Lip augmentation
  • Vector lifting
  • Bio reinforcement

Main component/ingredients:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg/mL
  • Lidocaine HCL 3mg/mL
  • Phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.0


  • 3 syringes × 2.5 ml per pack


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