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Meso BB Glow Treatment Procedure – This is a unique express method to even out skin tone using Meso serums PHYSIOLAB or in another way this procedure is called fractional mesotherapy / micronidling.

Meso BB Matrigen is a serum designed for safe and intensive treatment of skin whitening. It is recommended for people with dark skin tones, as well as to reduce the appearance of freckles and discoloration of the skin caused by acne and photoaging (age spots).

The best care without pain and surgery. Meso BB is a new unique approach to daily care that gives a special effect of BB cream and can provide visible results thanks to a single approach in combination with professional beauty technologies.

Meso BB is an ampoule designed specifically for skin that needs to be strengthened and whitened.

Appointment Meso BB:

The procedure can be done for men and women, with any type of skin, with a dark skin tone, uneven tone and skin texture.

  1. For lightening freckles, traces of post-acne, age spots.
  2. To combat dry, dull aging skin
  3. To get rid of dark circles under the eyes, loose and saggy skin.
  4. To get rid of small facial wrinkles

Benefits of Product:

  1. Fade brown spots
  2. Minimize pores
  3. Matte, flawless & clear complexion
  4. Dark skin tone
  5. Discoloration
  6. Hyper-pigmentation
  7. Age-spots
  8. Freckles
  9. Delicate and sensitive skin

How to Use:

  1. Application of using non-injection Mesotherapy or Oxyen therapy or Daily skin care
  2. Apply the ampule evenly around the facial and neck area.
  3. Using a derma-roller / dermapen , you facilitate the absorption process. 1 ampoule (10ml) is a 1-2 session. Max needle size 0.5mm. Duration of treatment is 40 minutes apply and 60 minutes with mask.


  1. Pregnancy and lactation
  2. Active acne (a large number of inflammatory elements)
  3. For all skin diseases in the acute stage
  4. With insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
  5. With herpes type III.

Composition of the product:

Titanium Dioxide, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Avocado Fruit Extract

Box contents:

1 ampoule – 10 ml. In a package of 5 ampoules.


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