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• It is a sun protection and nourishment cream which blocks UV light, the ingredients of resurrection plant, which survive in the desert, keep your skin healthy and give vitality to tired skin.

Applicable skin type:

• All skin type.

Main Ingredients:

•Resurrection plant Extract : antioxidant effect , compose collagen, give elasticity

•Centella asiatica : soothing and antibacterial effect

•Panthenol : strengthen skin elasticity

•Adenosine : strengthen skin elasticity and preven ting fine lines from forming.

•Naicinamide : whitening ingredient •8 kinds peptide (Coopertri peptide-1, Palmitoyl peptide-5, Acetyl hexa peptide-8, Nicotinoyl peptide-22, Nicotinoyl peptide-23, Nicotinoyl peptide-1, Palmitoyl peptide-5-4, tripepticde-29) : help skin elasticity

How to use:

•Apply in the morning, last step for basic skin car e routine. Apply it on face, neck, arms and legs a nd etc. •Apply to skin stimulated after treatment frequentl y for renewable sunscreen.

Capacity • 60ml


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