RONAS C.C. Cream


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• Skin care and makeup in onecream

• It contain niacinamide which is certified bythe FDA. It corrects the skin tone without darkening.

• Brightening & Anti-wrinkle & blocking UV rays, Tri-functional cosmetics.

Applicable skin:

• Pigmented skin, dry skin, problematicskin.

Main ingredients:

• Adenosine: It prevents wrinkles by boosti ng cell regeneration. (Anti-wrinkle ingre dient)

• Niacinamide: It brightens skintone.

• Sodium Hyaluronate: It provides and maintains moisture.

• Aloe Vera gel: Polysaccharide ingredient p revents skin damage and heals wounds. It also has anti-bacterialeffect.

• Collagen: It has alarge amount of essenti al amino acid that influences skin elasticit y, resulting in excellent skin affinity andh ydration.

How to use:

• After skin treatment or as your wrap upskin care, gently pat and apply this on entire face

Volume • 50ml


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